Brave new world.

Space exploration – if we can go somewhere, where should we go and why? (Within reason and feasibility, of course.)

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I move from tanks to tanks, oceans to oceans, and am not related to Paul.
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3 Responses to Brave new world.

  1. bennythedonkey says:


    That doesn’t leave much places to explore now, does it? I guess I’ll have to go with moon? I know, not an exciting choice but it has to be within reason and feasibility right? Haha…

    I know that it’s definitely feasible. In terms of exploration, does contruction of a small human colony count as one? I think, scientists have pretty much unearth everything about the moon. But then again, maybe I should be taking an antifoundationalist approach.

    So after we get the serious part out of the way, let’s talk about the wacky reason. We should go to the moon (still within bounds of feasibility) because Sailor Moon is there! Haha… lame, I know.

  2. Hahaha! Moon is a good place to start, but honestly our generation seems uninspired by this.

    It still amazes me that we humans got to the moon in a spacecraft with lesser technology and computer power than an average mobile phone of this era. How we must have regressed if we stall our advance and stop there. It’s been too long and we’ve wasted our resources on less important things (i.e. waging pointless ideological wars).

    By now we should’ve made it to Mars.

    But no point waxing nostalgia — we can always make sure we do. 😉 Moon is good, I heard they have bunnies and pretty girls there. (You know the legend of Chang Er? Something like that hahaha!)

    • bennythedonkey says:

      Well, you did say within bounds of reason and feasibility. Haha… correct me if I’m wrong, I think we sent someone to Mars already… or not? Also I did wonder why Mars is the more favored substitute for earth. I mean, moon is nearer and not covered with a sulphuric acid laden atmosphere.

      Not to belittle Armstrong’s first step on moon but I prefer to think it as a precursor to some more tangible foray for mankind, the simplest idea I can think of is to build a human colony up there. But many technical challenges lie ahead but these are most probably solvable by currently unjustifiable amount of resources.

      But then again, we might just end up blowing up another piece of rock (after earth) in the universe.

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