Wedding cam-whoring

Yes I know I know… wedding is supposed to be a sacred union between two person but I can’t help but have this wacky idea to have an ‘avant-garde’ concept of injecting some Japanese ‘surrealism’ (sorry for bastardizing the term, I really don’t know what’s the exact jargon) and HK style ‘bastardization’ of the qipao (with that collar set so obscenely high) with a Shanghai night backdrop into my future wedding pictures courtesy of this Loewe ad:

and Wong Kar Wai’s In the Mood for Love short trailer:

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3 Responses to Wedding cam-whoring

  1. the Loewe ad concept reminds me of Ayumi Hamasaki’s Alterna PV – you know, the one with lots of clockwork action and surreal stuff too. Needless to say I love it! This, and the Shanghai 30s, 40s chic with all the hot qipao action… seriously you should do a themed wedding. I’d be very game to strut around in one of those qipaos.

  2. Ok now that I’ve heard the song, it’s ‘Quizas, Quizas, Quizas’ (Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps). There’s English versions out there (among the newest is perhaps the Pussycat Dolls version). 😛 It’s actually quite famous (thank you, Nat King Cole, Ibrahim Ferrer, etc)… but not sure which version is used here in the ad.

    Nat King Cole’s ver:

  3. bennythedonkey says:

    I can’t find who’s the singer either but I love this cover the most. Actually I heard the Doris Day’s version while I was at Orchard Central. Then I got crazy over the song and was combing through the internet for it and came across this ad.

    Btw I have this sudden hankering to hang out at a jazz club when we meet up next month. Know any?

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