Soul of the Tango

Currently, I cannot get enough of Astor Piazzolla’s tango music. I was first introduced to it via Yo-Yo Ma’s rendition of his Libertango – still possibly among the sexiest piece I’ve ever heard. What’s the use of words to describe such fluidity – here, allow me to present  you a link.

Astor Piazzolla’s Le Grand Tango;
featuring Tina Guo as the cellist.

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2 Responses to Soul of the Tango

  1. bennythedonkey says:

    I’m astounded by the fact that I could listen to this during office hours. My company network bars all audio and video streaming files.

    I have to admit that it has a much subtler tango flavour than the title suggest. I always have a thing for over-the-top stuffs. Haha but that’s just me. I love the cello rendition. I could really feel the fluidity as you have pointed out. That is certainly not subtle…

    On another note, this is probably not the place but wanna ask if we should write in a conversational or addressing the public style? I personally prefer the former because I feel that it’s less awkward. What’s your say?

  2. How did you manage to? Headphones? There’s no streaming involved because it’s the direct file itself – you can download it by simply right clicking, and Save As.

    Yes indeed! Astor Piazzolla writes the more ‘modern’ tango stuff and they’re something like this. Love his compositions.

    Write it as you wish, I have no objections!

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