Simply living.

This is probably due thousands of years ago. Fine, I’m being hyperbolical. And blogging at the wee hours of the day is probably symptomatic of borderline psychosis.

Thanks to yesterday’s date with Tony, I finally felt sufficiently inspired to articulate my vision for the year. Well, at least I do justice to the term New Year resolution by not calling mine one since New Year was one whole full month ago. Then again, if one were to get technical about the nature of time and the Gregorian calendar, why subject one’s psychological time frame to one that is arbitrarily accepted by the masses… but I digress. Bad, bad habit.

It seemed that the flavor of the bunny year is simplicity, a sentiment I share with Tony. The big picture of the year for me is basically to think less and live more and get in touch with my inner animal. I’ve been spending too much time trying to explain away the misery I felt at the current state of affairs that I’m in and I just realized that it did no good to improve my state of mind. If going towards the intellectual end of the spectrum doesn’t help, then I’m gonna try a completely different approach by going to the other end, that is the Freudian id and join the roller coaster to bimbotic hell.

Next, I want to seek for my confidence this year to be an individual on my own without pegging my happiness to the existence of anyone else, imaginary or real. No god, no significant others but an internally driven source of happiness that is from myself.

I guess having two big ideas of the year is good enough with all the nitty gritty to be ironed out as I go along. Here’s to wishing Tony and any soul who read this narcissistic post a happy lunar new year. May the year of the bunny brings sugar, spice and everything nice.

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