Day #1: do you believe in heroes?

She was no stranger in a world where she was always the stranger. Courteous smiles of goodbye exchanged with colleagues of 5 years whom she barely known and she started down the corridor towards the office exit. He stood at the far end like a beacon, conversing with another with that usual aplomb. Their eyes met for a flitting moment, an idiosyncrasy hard to discard. She abruptly darted passed and exited uneventfully, all the while wondering if this time, he was really interested about that conversation topic.

A text arrived on her cell phone as she puts on the finishing touches on her make-up, conveying the transaction her parents require her to make the next day and a missed text from the landlord informing of a rent hike beginning next month. She tossed the phone into her bag and headed out.

Pointless banter traded about the table about how to make more money to afford that Gucci or the new BMW or the newly launched condominium by the sea. Her head rested on her palm, stirring her drink and feigning interest from time to time.

That night, she wondered again if heroes are real.

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