Day #2: We are the people

We are the people who walk amongst the dance of neon lights from commercial establishments, gripped by desire from the lights emanating through LED boards, infused with narcissism through ricochet of lights on translucent windows.

We are the people who draw patterns in the skies or hang our deepest hopes on the stars, convincing ourselves that this must be true, in denial of what our senses could not perceive to not be battered down by harsh reality.

We are the people dancing in an eternal masked party, smiling at the stranger whose eyes possess a glint of a long lost memory or frowning at another for simply no reason at all. We were never too sure of what lies behind each other’s mask.

We are the people who toss and turn under the pale moonlight, a deep sorrow overwhelming the senses at the thought of not possessing the desirable, willing for the feeling to dissipate for we have no other choice but to move on. As the first ray of sun illuminated the night sky, we wonder why we are made conscious of the pain if we cannot humor it because we did not ask for any of this.


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