Benny the Donkey Tony the Octopus
Advocate of using the brain for thinking since you have it anyway Perpetually in need of amusement. Definitely not psychic. Definitely not a pornstar.

This blog is a concerted effort to stave off boredom. And to make us write.


This is an avenue for “responsible freedom of speech” ™ (haha) as opposed to being completely free. Politically incorrect statements will, as far as possible, appeal to reason as opposed to emotion. I think that pretty much cover issues like racism, sexism and all the –ism there is. That said, we are just a young donkey and octopus in this big, big world, therefore any claims made are not empirically tested (unless stated, cited etc) and are mostly anecdotal as far as the horizon of our experience goes. Thus, there’s always a possibility that we might inadvertently engaged in what some might see as bimbotic soliloquy.

And yes, apologies in advance for any grammatical error especially in the donkey section or any unintentional offensive statements. We are humans after all.

Heap of Cats and Life

Heap of Cats is just one of the great many existential and narcissistic blogs you can find online. While we’re no Mother Theresa or Apple Inc., it’ll be great if our little bitching sessions could somehow add value in this vast universe other than just increasing entropy. Haha…  So the genre ‘Life’ probably fit the bill of what this blog is about, that is, everything under the sun that we give two hoots about.

But wait a minute, what has cats and for that matter, a heap of them has got to do with life? It’s not even grammatically correct. It’s actually just a superficial attempt at amalgamating the Sorites and Schrodinger’s Cat paradox. You know, a heap and a half-alive, half-dead cat and voila! A heap of cats.   The only link is that life itself is full of paradoxes and we’ve chosen two out of them.